Motorola E398 Review T-Mobile Motorolla E398 Mobile Phone


Motorola E398

The Motorola E398 mobile phone will blast your senses with its digital music player. Listen to your favourite music with 3D stereo speakers and CD quality sound on the move.

Bursting with stunning features like an integrated digital camera with flash, video clip playback and rhythm lights to really make your phone come alive and be noticed in a crowd!

Play games and enjoy pumping sound, vibration and colourful lights with every move. Featuring Multimedia Messaging Service, Bluetooth™ and polyphonic ringtones the Motorolla E398 will blow your mind!

The Motorola E398, a great new mobile from Motorola with an exclusive ringtone, wallpaper and screensaver from the Blacked Eyed Peas – only on T-Mobile. Enjoy all your music tracks with 3D stereo headphones and CD quality sound from the mp3 player, and see your music with rhythm lights which pulse in time to the music. Download new tracks from the Mobile Jukebox service, so you’re never without a great tune.

In the box comes a mains charger, user manual, 1 battery, Software CD Rom, a personal handsfree, a 64mb memory card with memory card adaptor and a USB lead.


Carry your favourite tracks on the compact new TransFlash memory card with masses of storage for MP3 music, video clips, photos and wallpapers. It’s a whole new world.

The Motarola E398 truly maximises T-Mobiles music experience through their t-zones online service providing on-the-go connectivity and entertainment day and night.

The Motorolla E398 phone features a spacious colour screen with 3D stereo surround sound vibration sensory technology, MPEG4 video playback and an integrated MP3 music player with exclusive preloaded content from MTV featuring several top artists.

Boasting an integrated VGA quality digital camera with light, Multi-media Messaging Service (MMS) and a high specification graphics accelerator for superb picture quality, the Motarolla E398 mobile phone not only promises to provide mobile entertainment, but also to deliver the mobile photo power to capture memorable moments and easily share them with friends and family.

Built with integrated Bluetooth ™ wireless technology, the Motorla E398 handset lets you connect hands-free while on the move. Downloading the latest games, applications, music, ringtones, screensavers, wallpapers and other applications is a breeze.

The Motrolla E398 mobile alerts you in ways that you can feel and hear – making this one of the most alive handsets around.

Realize the digital dream with the Motorola E680 handset, which bundles unbelievable features into one palmsize package. The model E680 perfectly synchs your entertainment life; merging music, pictures, video, gaming, talk and text with simplicity and style.

Get serious with the Motorola E680s large brilliant color screen, RealPlayer™ software and picture/video capture and playback. Its VGA camera and 240 x 320 color screen supports MPEG4 video allowing you to snap some shots of the DJ spinning and send them to a friend across town, or store them for posterity on your personal removable memory chip. View your pictures in landscape or portrait format; manipulate the image with digital effects and then download it onto your PC via USB or Bluetooth® wireless technology. Your night will last forever.

Motorola E398-2

The Motorola E680 gets serious about music: 3D stereo speakers, MP3 download/playback, and embedded MIDI music ring tones round out your entertainment fun. Experience the sounds of now on the available stereo headset and external speaker accessories. Plus, there’s bass by the ton. You’ve got FM radio too. The music goes wherever you do.

Gaming gets serious on the Motorola E680 with 3D graphics, portable and downloadable J2ME™ games and 8-way navi and gaming keys. Simultaneous key press and multi-channel audio supports for MIDI background music and MP3 sound effects bring new digital worlds to life.

The Motorola E680 phone also functions as a remote office offering seamless connectivity with community and content. It’s got the lot – truly open and expandable Java™ Technology on the Linux OS platform, Bluetooth® wireless technology USB and up to 1Gb of user-expandable memory, Wap and RealPlayer™ mean you can message, email, organize and synchronize wherever you are.

Sony Ericsson W850i Review


The Black Sony Ericsson W850i Walkman® phone takes you one step further in mobile music evolution. The design is triple-purpose – it’s a mobile phone, it’s a quality Walkman® player and it’s a camera. Yet it’s still sleek, elegant and compact. The Black Sony Ericsson W850i – a phone that touches your senses.

Complete Walkman® kit
Everything you need for a quality mobile music experience is included in the W850i kit. A stereo headset and a 1GB Memory Stick PRO Duo™ with room for over 1000 songs*. A USB cable and music management software for easy transfer of music from CD to your phone via a PC. You organise and listen to your music with the Walkman® player 2.0. It’s all in the box.

* Number of songs based upon total user memory in the box and the assumption that songs are in eAAC+ format (appr. 1MB per song).

Online music

The Walkman® player contains a direct link to an online music store. Search, browse and audition albums and tracks. Choose and download. The PlayNow™ service allows you to download even more music – plus games, videos, images and much more. Preview before you buy.

Music recognition
When you’re listening to the radio and you hear a song you like but you don’t know what it’s called, ask TrackID™. Record a few seconds of the song and use TrackID™ to send the music for recognition. In seconds, you’ll have the name, artist and album in your phone.

With the Black Sony Ericsson W850i, you always have a camera at hand to catch that special moment. The 2.0-megapixel camera includes a 4x digital zoom and a horizontal user interface. The second camera sits above the phone screen and is used for video calls.

3G speed – plus internet and email
Use the Black Sony Ericsson W850i’s 3G capabilities for fast downloads and video telephony. Browse the internet or get the latest news delivered directly to your phone via RSS feeds. The W850i also supports standard push email*, a solution that allows you to receive email straight to your phone.

* Email service provider and/or operator dependent

Get in the business fast – with 3G
Let your Black Sony Ericsson W850i be your business companion on the go. Staying in touch with your office while travelling is easy. And with 3G, you have a fast connection. Email attachments are downloaded in no time, websites are accessed in an instant.

Go online
One press on the internet key and you’re online. Update yourself on news and weather forecasts. You can also subscribe to RSS feeds – live news delivered straight to your phone.

Push email ready
Your Black Sony Ericsson W850i Walkman® phone supports standard push email* – you can get your email forwarded to your phone automatically. You see when new email comes in, and can act upon it instantly.

* Email service provider and/or operator dependent

Stay on the road, but stay synchronized.

Connect your Black Sony Ericsson W850ito your PC with the USB cable (included in phone kit) and synchronize your contacts and calendar.

Do it wirelessly
Free yourself from the entanglement of wires – use Bluetooth™ wireless technology. Connect to a Bluetooth™ headset and leave your phone in your bag. Stream your music in superb sound quality with a Stereo Bluetooth™ Headset HBH-DS970. And drive safely with a car handsfree solution.

Triple face design
The Black Sony Ericsson W850i Walkman® phone. It’s a quality Walkman® music player. Slide your Black Sony Ericsson W850i open and discover the phone features. Then smile and turn it round to the camera side. Your W850iBlack Sony Ericsson W850i is a Walkman® phone for your senses.

2-inch screen
Images, games, web pages – things look good on the large 2-inch 262k-colour screen.

Design details
The seductive surface makes you want to touch it. But there’s more to explore in the Black Sony Ericsson W850i design. Activate the heartbeat illumination – light effects that pulse to the rhythm of your music. The small mirror on the camera side is perfect for self-portraits – or just checking your make-up. For optimal ease of use, there are dedicated keys for music and web access. And the Golden White has a shiny special: the Walkman® logo is made of 24k gold.

Boost the beat
Make the most of your music. Choose Mega Bass™ for a fuller sound, arrange your music in playlists directly in your phone. And to help you find your songs more easily, you can store album artwork in your phone and have them displayed in the Walkman® player.

Room for music
With the Black Sony Ericsson W850i, you have room for all your favourite songs. You can store up to 1000* songs on the 1GB Memory Stick PRO Duo™ you’ll find included in the phone kit.

* Number of songs based upon the assumption that songs are in eAAC+ format (approx. 1MB per song).

Find the artist with TrackID™
Ever heard a song on the radio and wondered who the artist was? TrackID™ helps you find out. Just record a few seconds of a song through the microphone or built-in FM radio. The sample is sent to a music database, and once the song is recognised, the title, album and artist name are sent back to you.

Music download

Download music straight to your phone – and listen before you buy. Your Black Sony Ericsson W850i Walkman® phone has a direct link to the PlayNow™ download service*. You can go straight to a live list of top music hits, for example.

* The service is operator dependent.

Full Walkman® kit
Everything you need to enjoy your music on the go is included in the Black Sony Ericsson W850i kit. You get the Disc2Phone software for transferring audio CDs via your computer to your phone. The Black Sony Ericsson W850i kit also comes with stereo headphones, a USB cable and a 1GB Memory Stick PRO Duo™.

Tune in
Easy access to your favourite station: The Black Sony Ericsson W850i comes with a built-in FM radio.

Show and share – 2.0-megapixel camera
The 2.0-megapixel camera lets you capture the moment – and share it with others directly on the large colour screen or via picture messages. And to enhance your photographic opportunities even further, the Black Sony Ericsson W850i has digital zoom and photo light.

Video call
Show friends and family where you are and what you’re up to. Being a 3G phone, the Black Sony Ericsson W850i supports video calling.

Say it with a video clip
When you want to say it in moving pictures, the camera also allows you to play and record video clips.